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Teacher name: Mrs. Roberts
Class/Group name: 6 - Roberts

Class access code: D293FC4353885C9026DE

River Rouge Post Test

Active Listening
What is active listening?
What are the steps of active listening?
Do all people communicate in the same way?
Do you think active lsiening is an important skill? Explain

Earth Science
Solar System
Mixtures and Solutions

Invention Convention

Conference Preparation
Please make sure that you have links on your science page to all of the team pages you worked on for every science unit this year

Please make sure you have links on your Engage Page to every engage unit you worked on this year

Please make sure you have a link to the project Cope wiki on your sciracy page.
Answer the following questions
What have you enjoyed most about sciracy this year?
What are you most proud of in sciracy?
What have you learned about yourself from you sciracy work this year?
How do you think your work in sciracy has enabled you to libe up to the BCS Moot this year of Serve Locally Learn Globally?