Ania's Digital Writers Notebook

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I like horses.

snow wood 2.jpg
Snow inspires me

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Warriors Cats - My favorite book series

Bluestar the warrior cat is my favorite book character

mommy au.jpg
My mom

tati au.jpg
My dad

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I am a very happy and laugh-a-lot person

I'm a big splash!! That is me!!

People Moment List
Place Moment List
Moment Writing Practice (timed)

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, thendon't write, because culture has no use for it- Anais Nin
If you tear a paper it will be a total rip off.
-Ania U (me)

Moon Dreams
The pale moon dreams
Of being noticed.
The bright moon dreams
Of being heard.
The new moon dreams
Of stars in the sky,
to get through
the dark night.
The crescent moon dreams
of being young forever,
While the half moon dreams
Of another half moon
To be with.
The gibbous moon dreams
all moons' dream
Of being perfect
And loved
By all.
Like a full moon.

Tricia Cwx