Team Member's

Aria M, Daniel X, Will B

multi-sport shoes

Good things about our shoe brand :

• You don't have to buy multiple shoes for different sports.
• It cost less than buying two shoes for different sports.
• It is re-using the amount of materials that you would use for two different shoes.
• The shoe is very easy to make.
• Our shoe is simpler that making football shoes and soccer cleats.


1.wifi connection being really slow XP being really slow
3.wakeing up in the morning
4.doing chores
5.forgeting things
6.not having anything to do
7.doing homework

Will Baughman

1.siri robot home teacher robot
4.non gas needing car
5.robot spy bug
6.super backpack
7.x-ray water proof goggles
8.super speed rocket
9.robot vacum
10.portal from your room to school

Daniel Xu
1.harder math book covers air balloon jumping
3.water tight goggles (really water tight not bad and leaky)
4.better Skype camera imaging
5.more better alarms than just iPod shaking water rocket launcher hat attacher
8.Iphone case attachable to wrist
9.voice log in system
10.bad app filter (sometimes apps look good but are a scam)

Aria's 10 IDEAS:

1. Key Tracker - for tracking your keys

2. Bed Crane - when you're too lazy to get something

3. Robot Dishwasher - a robot that does the dishes

4. Voice Activated Remote - you can change channels with your voice

5. Camera Hat - if you don't feel like holding your camera

6. Ipencil - to spy on people

7. Indestructible Phone Case - for protecting your device from anything!!

8. Non-Flooding Goggles - so you can see underwater without having to empty your goggles

9. Movie Glasses - glasses that let you watch movies

10. Robo-Globe - a globe that you can voice activate and it will take you to that place and that whole state/continent etc. will light up.