Wednesday May 14th

People who still need to finish their unit 3 test don’t worry we will finish it tomorrow.
Joberts students who did not start their tests don’t worry we will start it tomorrow.
Please go to the Big Ideas website and go to the student page here:
Go to the dynamic classroom for lesson 4.1. Use it to write the answers to the following questions in your math journal
1. What is an inequality? List all of the inequality symbols and explain what they mean.
2. What is a solution of an inequality? Give an example
3. What is a solution set of an inequality? Give an example
4. What is a graph of an inequality? Give an example
5. Watch the three tutorials for this lesson and write down any questions that you have
6. Complete questions 6-28 on textbook pages 128-9

How To Log In To Your New TextbookTrapezoid Screenchomps trapezoids
Please open up the document below to gain access to the online textbook.

6th Grade Flash Cards

Conference Preparation.

Make sure your wiki math page has all of the things listed below

Unit 3 Vocab Quizlet
Screenchomp-Finding the area of a trapezoid
Unit 1 Test Reflection
How well do you think you did on the unit 1 test?Explain
What did you do to prepare for the test?
What will you do differently in Chapter 2 to prepare for the test?
Unit 4 Test Reflections
How do you feel about your Unit 4 test score?Why?
Now that you don’t get test correction points back anymore, did you do anything differently to prepare for this test? What resources are available to you to study for tests?
Conference Reflection
What are your strengths as a mathematician? How do you know?
What are your challenges in math? What strategies do you use to overcome your challenges?
What do you enjoy about math? Why?
What are your math goals for the rest of the year and how do you plan to achieve them?
Chapter 1 Numerical Expressions and Factors

We have all come from different backgrounds and experiences so our knowledge of Chapter 1 concepts is diverse. Please look at your Chapter test and see what questions you got wrong. This will be the basis of your study. If you got questions wrong on the following concepts please complete the study path in your notebook. Use the online text to help you.

Order of Operations
Study Path-Lesson 1.3
What is Your Answer questions 4 and 5
Read through carefully examples 1-4 in lesson 1.3
Vocabulary and Concept Check Questions 1 and 2
Practice and Problem Solving Questions 18-23

Prime Factorization
Study Path Lesson 1.4
Activity 1 and 2
Read Carefully the Key Idea on page 26 and examples 2 and 3 on page 27
Vocabulary and Concept Check Question 1 and 2
Practice and Problem Solving Questions 16-23

Study Path Lesson 1.5
Activity 1
Read Carefully Examples 1 and 2 on page 32
Vocabulary and Concept Check Questions 1 and 2
Practice and Problem Solving Questions 13-18

Study Path Lesson 1.6
Activity 1 Page 36
Read Carefully Examples 1 and 2 on Page 38
On Your Own Questions 4-6
Vocabulary and Concept Check questions 1 and 2

Vocabulary List

Chapter 7
Interactive scale in Big Ideas