Helen- Communications Manager

Tate- Strategy Manager

Brendan B- Project Manager

LiquidMaid Trifold Work

The LiquidMaid™


How does it work?

The LiquidMaid™ is a cup design, with a handle you can push. When you press the button on the handle, a wire slips a cover away from a hole in the bottom, allowing the liquids to pass through.

Our Problem

We're solving two main problems. The first is when you spill your drink over the side of a glass because it's unevenly poured. The second is for when you are making a recipe in the kitchen and the directions say to 'add a dash' of something. Sometimes you add too much, but the LiquidMaid can stop that!

How does it change my life?

This product will change your life for the better. Without it, you can spill or waste liquids. It will change your life by saving time and money that would go to waste otherwise.

Is it original?

We searched these search terms and our invention didn't come up:
'cup that dispensers liquid'
'cup for not spilling in recipes'
'cup with hole in bottom'


Our product is selling for $18.
180 sq in
$0.09 per inch
6 in
$0.05 per inch
Total cost to make one=


If everyone in these age groups bought one, that'd be about 257,920,000 people.

Profit & Data

Would you buy one?

Yes- ||||||||||
No- ||

How much would you pay?

$0-10- |
$10-15- |||
$20-25- |
$25+- |
For one LiquidMaid we earn $1.50 in profit.
Our aimed profit is about $386,000,000.
^without costs taken from it


-Social Media- free
We plan to make social media to advertise, such as Twitter or Facebook pages. We decided this was a good step because it's free, but gets the word out thanks to the growing number of Internet users these days. We plan to connect with people that would like to buy or sell the LiquidMaid. This will definitely help people get to know our product by the things we could do with social media and the sheer number of people that could connect with us.
-Flyers or Posters- $50+$50
We plan to make a flyer or poster for the LiquidMaid. We think this is a good step because there are no boundaries of how we could make one and we could get our advertising into the public. We would design flyers with important details like the price and where you could buy it. This would help the publicity because we could place the flyers anywhere and people would notice them in their daily life.
-Doorknob Handle Flyers- $50+$50
We would put a flyer on a doorknob in a public place. This is a smart idea because we could place them anywhere with anything we would want to say. We plan to design flyers specially to place in public environments. This will definitely get the word out because a lot of people would see them on doorknobs they use daily.
-Putting our QR Code in public places- $50+$50
We would plan to make a QR code for a link where you could buy and research the LiquidMaid. We think this is a good idea because people can easily access our page and it is easy to make and use. We would print a QR code specially tailored for the LiquidMaid and design a eye-catching poster to place in popular places. It would help because we could design a special flyer, but also add the QR code for people with smartphones.
-Other Ad Spaces (web ads)- $100,000-$400,000
We would plan to buy ad space on popular websites. We decided this was a good idea because this is the generation of the Internet, and many popular sites are allowing ad space to be used. We would plan to use our profit to buy ad space and therefore increase our audience and income. People could be visiting a kitchenware website and see our product advertised in a ad, so we could directly advertise to our intended audience.
-30 Second TV Commercial- $200-$1,500
We would plan to make a 30 second TV commercial. We decided this was a good idea because we would have 30 seconds to make an engaging, well advertised commercial. We plan to make the commercial by having help to film and edit, along with actors. The price varies. This would raise the publicity because many people would see it or be forced to see it, and we have a whole 30 seconds of attention to get consumer interested.
Overall Marketing Cost: From $100,500 to $401,800

Business Model Plan:

What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is person who starts with small businesses and use their resources to build their business. They work to get the best of what they have.

What are key skills needed by an entrepreneur? Why?

  • They need to ask questions because it gets information they need and shows they are involved with what they're doing.
  • Prepared to represent their work so they looked presentable and are ready to give the information they have.
  • Persuasive so they can persuade their product or opinion in a factual way.
  • Organized so they have all they need and don't waste time or money.
  • Charismatic because if they have charisma they can charm their way with the sharks.
  • Prepared to listen because you need to listen to learn and not just do all the talking.
  • Realistic so they are prepared to give real facts and face the real world.
  • A leader so you are ready to lead and prepared along with being a leader.

Helen's Complaints

  • Peeling an orange.
  • *Pouring a glass and it doesn't go into the cup, it goes down the side.*
  • You could make a clear bar on a cereal box to see how much is left.
  • When you wear glasses in the rain and water gets on them.
  • When the sheets come off one side of the bed.
  • A tangled charger.
  • losing one of your shoes.
  • When your desk is really messy.
  • A way to organize your backpack.
  • A way to organize your dresser

Tate's Complaints

  • Pouring milk and it goes down the side of the jug.
  • Going to bed.
  • Can't find a charger.
  • Eating hard foods.
  • Cleaning my room.
  • Staying up too late.
  • When I forget to set a timer for at home writing.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep.
  • Long car rides.
  • When a cat vomits in my room

Brendan's Complaints

  • hungry when you go to bed
  • when the tv remote is to far away
  • when you are in bed and you cant connect to the wifi
  • when comcast shuts off your internet
  • cleaning my room
  • when my brother messes up the internet
  • when you are hungry but you dont want to make food
  • when you lose your shoes
  • when you are out of money and you dont have a lunch
  • when evryone is yelling